Thursday, December 25, 2008

Straight up out of spiritus mundi

"But when we cease to play explorers
And become settlers, clear before us
Lies the next need- to re-define
The boundary between yours and mine;
Else, one stays prisoner, one goes free.
Each to his own identity
Grown back, shall prove our love's expression
Purer for this limitation.
Love's essence, like a poem's, shall spring
From the not saying everything."
-C. Day Lewis

I typed up the end of this poem with the intention of posting it about six months ago and never did. In a way, I am glad because I might have forgotten how much I love it otherwise.

Also, its very fitting that I read it today. Today I am reminded how much good one conversation can do. I've never been in love, but I love many people. This poem reminds me of the importance of staying true to yourself in all your relationships as well as recognizing and respecting the identity of others. Last year I let other people stifle my personality; I've never been in love, but I am a poet.

Observations from the Wilk

Newlyweds, Siamese
Cup of noodles slurping, chicken
vapor in the air.

Ps. I love Haiku.