Sunday, August 28, 2011

Today my sister showed me this picture of her friend, and I immediately told her I needed a copy.

I really want to recreate this with my hair spelling something completely random/crass/obscenely obscene. I might have to use my sisters hair though since I just cut a bunch of mine off. Any random/crass/obscene suggestions?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{I have no idea where I found this}

Is it bad that I am so ready for fall, and especially Halloween already? Maybe it's all the Harry Potter Hype or this cold Portland summer, but I am already in the Halloween spirit. I have a great costume idea (which I stole from my sister, and will not share) and now I am planning to cut my nails just like this. Anybody else ready?


Last week I made this navy blue Beignet skirt for Miss Allie for her birthday, which was yesterday! It was so nice to have a project to get my mind off things, PLUS I am in love with the striped sueded silk (striped sueded silk, striped sueded silk, striped sueded silk) I used to line it.
Isn't it so pretty? I know Allie loves nautical things as much as I do, so I was trying to find something fitting for the lining which made me think of stripes. Unfortunately I was sorely disappointed by the lack of nice striped fabric at Mill End. I almost went for a blue and white seersucker with crabs embroidered on it--but I figured Allie is turning 23 which requires a little more sophistication.
But now I'm in love with this stripey fabric and need to come up with something to make with it! Any ideas?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh Hey

Just adding to my Church & State collection with the Montana skirt, bringing me up to a grand total of 3! I wish there was a bigger picture of because its very pretty and was quite the bargain!
I have no excuses, I should be writing more.