Sunday, February 28, 2010

A _________ Weekend

After and awesome Friday night murder mystery date I woke up too early on Saturday to take not one, but two midterms! The weekend was not looking too promising, and then I went to pick up my second midterm and was told that they didn't have it and it must have closed Friday


Then I realized that the test I had been madly studying for is next weekend. My well intentioned reminders in my planner almost killed me.

Later, I went to Patina Market and found this rustic window on the cheap:

its got a pretty latch and other hardware, plus I think it fits into the decorum of my room; I'm planning on using it to hang earrings and headbands, and pictures.
Then I went to my good friends birthdays. We had dinner at Pizzeria 712 where I got an amazing pizza topped with potato, garlic, fontine, and arugula. Yum.

Then this afternoon I found out that my paper was accepted for BYU's English Department Literary Conference! I was so excited, and then I found out that means I have to present my paper... to an audience... with a Q&A session afterwards. Yikes, but I'm still excited!

Then I have my current obsessions:

1. Postcards from Stella Marrs

3. And cats, apparently? I called my little sister today and she told me all about how our old orange tabby has been "bullying" her. The other day my dad told her that if she didn't push the cat (Gus) off the bench, he would take away all her books. I told her it was a little sad that she was letting a little cat push her around and she said, "Shush! He has death claws!"

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Be a Nose

About a week ago I ordered a bunch of books from McSweeney's, and I love them all so far! Yesterday I was flipping through Art Spiegleman's sketchbooks called "Be a Nose" and discovered the source of the name. Spiegleman references an old horror movie about beatniks in which one scene the main character is trying to sculpt some clay and just sits there yelling at it "Be a nose! Be a nose!" Spiegleman says that this is the best description of his creative process. And I really want to watch the movie--it looks funny. But what I'm getting at is how much I like and relate to this explanation. I've had to make some important decisions lately and I'm still stressed because I don't know what I want to do after I graduate, and I am basically yelling at me self to "Be a something!" But I know most of my fears are irrational and we shouldn't force ourselves to to be a nose or any other appendage.

On another note I went to Las Vegas last weekend for the first time, and I will share just one picture from the weekend:

Gross right? We were just walking out in the sun, and there it was on the sidewalk. But it reminded me of this:

good thing I don't have a relationship to end. I am working on some crafty goodies, so hopefully I will have more to share soon.


Everyone has been putting up their doppelgangers on le Facebook and it got me thinking about who mine would be. And while I have a story and photos to go with some of my real doppelgangers, until I get the pictures off my roommate's camera I will leave you with Amy Winehouse:

To Lumberjacqueline, Love Kirs

And for anyone who loves poutine.