Saturday, February 20, 2010

Be a Nose

About a week ago I ordered a bunch of books from McSweeney's, and I love them all so far! Yesterday I was flipping through Art Spiegleman's sketchbooks called "Be a Nose" and discovered the source of the name. Spiegleman references an old horror movie about beatniks in which one scene the main character is trying to sculpt some clay and just sits there yelling at it "Be a nose! Be a nose!" Spiegleman says that this is the best description of his creative process. And I really want to watch the movie--it looks funny. But what I'm getting at is how much I like and relate to this explanation. I've had to make some important decisions lately and I'm still stressed because I don't know what I want to do after I graduate, and I am basically yelling at me self to "Be a something!" But I know most of my fears are irrational and we shouldn't force ourselves to to be a nose or any other appendage.

On another note I went to Las Vegas last weekend for the first time, and I will share just one picture from the weekend:

Gross right? We were just walking out in the sun, and there it was on the sidewalk. But it reminded me of this:

good thing I don't have a relationship to end. I am working on some crafty goodies, so hopefully I will have more to share soon.

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Anonymous said...

GRROSSSS!!!!!! Is that blood!!!!