Friday, June 18, 2010

OK So, most of you know that I am in Portland for the next weekish and so far it's been fun.

First of all I said not one but TWO funny things yesterday!

I went to Red Iguana with Jack on the way to the airport yesterday (delicious and I may have pictures later) and as we were leaving we saw a Coca Cola truck that had been pulled over by the cops and I said, "Look, a Coke bust!"

THEN, I continued to have a crazy day (did I mention that I only had about three hours of sleep and went straight from taking my last two finals to Red Iguana and the airport) and took the MAX from the airport to my dad's office where my Dad gave me my ticket and took me to the STARS concert where I met my friend Sara. Where, on the way in they had one person checking IDs and another checking tickets--and the guy taking the tickets asked me if I was 21!

It was at the Aladdin, which I decided I really love, it's so old and pretty like so many of the theaters in Portland. I wish I had snapped some pictures. Sara and I decided that we always get stuck behind the weirdest people at concerts. This time we were behind a boy and a girl who were DEFINITELY on drugs. I can say that with confidence since I saw them take pills out of a little packet and swallow them. And they were dancing like crazy. The guy just kept hanging his hand up in the air while he hunched his back--he looked kind of like a gorilla. The girl seemed to be doing some sort of psychedelic belly dance.

Well my other funny, but more witty moment came before they got crazy when the guy turned to me and started telling me and Sara about how the girl was talking a test--not even a fun test. Then he thought about it and said "but I guess what kind of tests are fun?" Suddenly my power of wit struck me and I said ever so nonchalantly "A taste test". I think he was taken aback that I actually had an answer, and it was really funny.

Also, the girl started dancing with her crystals and forced on the bass player, and I also had to listen to some guy singing about Jesus really loudly on the MAX (oh Portland). The concert was AMAZING! They have such a great energy live--Torquil has so much energy and character on stage, and I love that Amy just looks like a regular girl. I actually bumped shoulders with her before the show and recognized her, but played it cool.

There new CD hasn't come out yet, but they were selling at the concert so I have it! and love it.

Then today I was looking through my old paper and came across one I wrote in the 7th grade when we were studying the middle ages. It was about the Bubonic plague and this was the cover:

As you can see there are knees in both margins that are being leeched and so there is blood running down the sides. I commented to my sister that I'm glad to know that I am at least consistent. I opened it up to the first page and this was the beginning of the outline:

I. Doctors procedure/calls
A. First check pulse
B. Then take urine sample
1. Smell
2. Taste for sugar
3. Look at color

Then I read the actual paper and apparently then the doctor would tell the patient in a grave tone that it was good they came to see them. Then the family invited the doctor over and the doctor would make a point to make the servants go check on the ailing person so that they would know they weren't forgotten.

Also "There were many diseases in the Middle Ages. St. Vitus' dance was a mental disease in the Middle Ages that made the person delirious and caused then to join hands and dance around until they fell down dead." (That's for Carly).

"There were many mental illnesses such as this that were common in the Middle Ages. These mentally ill people were rarely confined. All mentally ill people were made to have crosses shaved into their forehead so people would know that they were mentally ill."

And here is the last paragraph:

"Once in a medieval town a beggar was infected with the plague. After he died his body was taken away to a mass burial, but a bit of his clothing was torn and left on the ground. A wandering pig ate the rags and died instantly. Poisoned by the plague. Black crosses were placed on the bodies of the people killed by the plague."


My dad think I made the entire thing up.

I wish I had cited all of my sources on this paper so I could go back and check all of this, but my sister and I had a good laugh.

OK, another funny thing happened. My sister Bridget is sitting next to me. She sticks her hand in the pencil holder and then pulls it out and it's covered with glue "MARTHA!" she wails "She's ALWAYS doing this!" To which I give her a quizzical look, "really?".

And Bridget responds""YES! She dips her hands in glue and then lets it dry--she says it makes her hands feel soft."

In other words, I love being here in Portland with my family. A home of sorts.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm not sure if I've mentioned that I am in an "Editing for Publication" class where the main project is editing, designing, and printing a book. Yes, it's been a busy term, but I finally went to the press to pick up the printed copies today! We had to chose from manuscripts that were given to us and they were all pretty dull, but this one was on finance and so we decided to gear it towards younger people who are just entering the financial world.

Here is the cover I designed:
A chapter opening:
me holding the book!
And creepily showing you its innards:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Super June(ior)

I really struggled coming up with this month's display for the Lost & Found. We had Mustache May and so I was trying to keep up with the alliteration, but the best I could some up with was "June Bugs"--not good. I think my legacy at the Lost & Found might lie in my bizarre displays:

We have already received a lot of feedback on the display. An older asian lady came in and asked me who they were

"They are from a Korean boy band." I said.
"Are they in America?"
"No, they are in Korea."
"Well, a lot of Koran movies are big in Japan."
"They are really cute."

The End.

Also, every once and a while as I walk through the bookstore I notice one particular thing--and desire it. So, today I am making the public announcement that I WILL have on one day:
A library ladder!!! I am very excited about my decision.

Lastly, I made the mistake of barreling through the "Warning the following video contains some disturbing images which may not be suitable for children or sensitive adults" sign, and apparently forgot that NSFW means "Not suitable for work" (I was watching it at work, but back in my office so it didn't really matter). ANYWAY. I was trying to watch the new Flaming Lips video, and found myself incredibly squeamish.

I didn't make it very far into the video so I'm not sure if any of this was supposed to have significant symbolism, but the video started with a man slowly slicing down the finger of a girl who was naked and tied up and then she was painting her blood all over the place. The razor blade reminded me of "Un Chien Andelou", an avante garde film that Salvador Dali worked on. It's mentioned in the Pixies song "Debaser" because at the beginning you just see a girl sitting still, and a man come up behind her and slices her eyeball open with a razor blade. But here it is symbolic of the meta-discourse of the film--Dali is showing the audience how he is able to manipulate what we see through his art.
I'm not sure if I can make it through the whole music video, but now I'm really curious as to whether there is a greater meaning to the video or if it's just supposed to be shocking.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Goodbye Girl

Today I've been listening to The Shins' (umm, i think it's really just James Mercer) cover of squeeze. I guess Levi's is putting up all these covers as a promotion. You can download them all for free from the website {here}, and there are some really good ones by She & Him and The Dirty Projectors. Here's the video of James talking about why he chose this song:

Also, I was thinking about a friend, whose behavior I've been a little frustrated with. But then I thought of something really simple, but something I often forget to do: I tried to put myself in that person's shoes. Of course I don't think you can ever completely understand how someone feels, but as I thought about all the things that had gone on in their life to this point--something clicked and in my mind I could understand why they had treated me a certain way and it is such a relief.

Also, aren't these the prettiest wedding shoes? I would get them if they came in different colors and were not hundreds of euros.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Today I'm Sweating Profusely

to this:

And this:

And this:

As promised

I finally tried an "Extreme" donut. The maple bacon bars were pretty good, but then I made the mistake of listening to the girl behind the counter and going with the Oreo donut instead of cap'n crunch. The Oreo one wasn't bad just way to sweet. I mean donuts are already really sweet anyway and this was just too much.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Say What?

TOMS now makes wedges?? I just discovered this via {The City Sage} and I am astonished! I was just talking about how I have a strange affinity for wearing heels in the summertime, and how I need a new pair of comfortable wedges for this summer. I'm not sure if I will get these, and i don't know how I feel about the straight across peep-toe--but worth trying on and I'm sure they are really comfortable! I really like the seersucker look of this pair:

I also just got out of my tour of the University Press where my professor was telling us how with the older technology they had to employ people to strip down the images--so technically BYU employed "strippers" haha.

Since this post seems to be all about surprising things, I will add that I am probably now going to go listen to the Eclipse soundtrack {via}. But don't judge, this soundtrack has new songs by song great artists such as: Florence + the Machine, Metric, The Dead Weather, Fanfarlo, Band of Horses, and Vampire Weekend. So why not?