Thursday, June 10, 2010

Goodbye Girl

Today I've been listening to The Shins' (umm, i think it's really just James Mercer) cover of squeeze. I guess Levi's is putting up all these covers as a promotion. You can download them all for free from the website {here}, and there are some really good ones by She & Him and The Dirty Projectors. Here's the video of James talking about why he chose this song:

Also, I was thinking about a friend, whose behavior I've been a little frustrated with. But then I thought of something really simple, but something I often forget to do: I tried to put myself in that person's shoes. Of course I don't think you can ever completely understand how someone feels, but as I thought about all the things that had gone on in their life to this point--something clicked and in my mind I could understand why they had treated me a certain way and it is such a relief.

Also, aren't these the prettiest wedding shoes? I would get them if they came in different colors and were not hundreds of euros.

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