Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Say What?

TOMS now makes wedges?? I just discovered this via {The City Sage} and I am astonished! I was just talking about how I have a strange affinity for wearing heels in the summertime, and how I need a new pair of comfortable wedges for this summer. I'm not sure if I will get these, and i don't know how I feel about the straight across peep-toe--but worth trying on and I'm sure they are really comfortable! I really like the seersucker look of this pair:

I also just got out of my tour of the University Press where my professor was telling us how with the older technology they had to employ people to strip down the images--so technically BYU employed "strippers" haha.

Since this post seems to be all about surprising things, I will add that I am probably now going to go listen to the Eclipse soundtrack {via}. But don't judge, this soundtrack has new songs by song great artists such as: Florence + the Machine, Metric, The Dead Weather, Fanfarlo, Band of Horses, and Vampire Weekend. So why not?


Anonymous said...

So CUTE!!!!!!
Oh and I just got the eclipse soundtrack to and I am SOOOOOOO excited!!!!
June 30th : D

France is said...

waaahhhhhh i love this post foreverrrrr! cast iron.

Sarita said...

I found the wedges yesterday too! And promptly sent Joel the link so he could see how wonderful they are. I think they would be great pregnancy heels...comfortable, supportive, and flattering to these cankles I am developing. (I tried my normal heels on Sunday and they didnt make it home on my feet.

Now to see if we can justify buying them. Probably not, but someday.

Also, the stripes are my favs as well.

Liz said...

I remember judging you for listening to the Eclipse soundtrack. Sorry.
Every time I look at those wedges they get cuter.