Monday, June 7, 2010

As promised

I finally tried an "Extreme" donut. The maple bacon bars were pretty good, but then I made the mistake of listening to the girl behind the counter and going with the Oreo donut instead of cap'n crunch. The Oreo one wasn't bad just way to sweet. I mean donuts are already really sweet anyway and this was just too much.


France is said...

bahhh my phone didnt evan RIIING wring today when you called BLARHG. but i want to haaaannng hellooo. today was craasy but tomorrow not so much. maybe text me...

i love this entry.

i want a maple bacon donut.


France is said...

the word verification is friffu. get some 40's

KirstieBirstie said...


I was actually calling regarding some hanging out at the end of the week maybe, but definitely next week. I will mayhaps call you againnnnn

and breathe some maple bacon donut into the receiver...

Today I really feel like using the word anon, but I doubt that will be the verification. So sad.