Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Dog Days

I can't wait to see this movie:

In part because it looks interesting, and I now want to read the book before it comes out.

A couple weeks ago I was desperate to go to Finland, I think this week I am yearning for India.

But also because of the song playing in the background. I immediately recognized it as one of my new finds of the year, as anyone who has heard my ring tone for the last two month can attest, Florence and the Machine. I first listened to her EP A Lot of Love, A Lot of Blood (I love that title!) back in January after I heard her first single "Kiss with a Fist". She also came out with a full length album called Lungs in 2009. I love the bluesy quality of some of her songs like the one in this interview, my favorite part is in the interview when she says, "I like to go in the woods and be feral". I am probably also swayed by the fact that some of her song have gruesome titles, which is a great lead into my other new discovery...

A french company that hand screens tights that fit my love of the grotesque to a T.

I absolutely love these--

These are some of my favorites, but they have a lot of others on their website, including tights that gives the illusion that ants are swarming up your legs. They are going to start selling them at Lille in Portland--too bad on all the websites I've seen they run upwards of 30 euros!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Peace up, A-town

Today I realized how close Easter is, and how excited I am to watch "The 10 Commandments" which reminded me that I forgot to post this (caution: there is one F-bomb towards the end. You had to know that with Samuel L. Jackson playing the fire bush, things were bound to get obscene).

This week has been both fun and interesting. On Wednesday I saw Midlake play at the State room in Salt Lake, and they were great. We also got added entertainment from the two drunk, fat, middle-aged men sitting behind us. My favorite part was when one commented to the other, "Man, you look like a giant argyle sock!"

Then yesterday I went back up to Salt Lake to go shopping, and as they say "Sometimes inclement weather happens". The whole week was beautiful until it decided to snow all Saturday. I haggled for a ruffled blue shirt that you will see in the next picture (or here, but for cheaper), as well as a dining journal. I tried and failed to find a picture of it online, but it's a
n incredibly cute book for recording your favorite places to eat. It's even has a place for you to attach the restaurant's business card. I got to put in my first entry later that night because we went to Settebello, and had pizza and tiramisu gelato. It was delicious.

Last week was my official "clumsy" week as I tripped myself on the way home and ripped my pants as well as choking and spewing water across the kitchen in mixed company. But today on my way to church I was walking with Geneva and I toppled over. No real reason, I just lost my balance and fell down. I'm pretty sure one of my legs flew up over my
head, but I got all dirty, so we had to go home and
missed RS.

The scrape doesn't look that bad here, but all the pink in the picture is where my leg is extremely swollen. My shoes took a similar beating which was the saddest part.

I'm currently listening to Emily Haines. I've been in a very Metric/Emily mood lately.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm not ready for a post on my weekend in Denver, so I will have to just give you a video I saw while I was there:

Doppelganger pt. 2

So, there's this guy I work with (don't get all excited now, he's married) who commented one day that I must get it all the time, but I look just like Kristen Stewart. I was a little take aback because I've NEVER heard that before. And he was equal surprised at my surprise. Still I didn't really see it and he kept reiterating his observations every time I ran into him.

A couple weeks ago I was walking back from a party with my roommate and we captured photographic evidence. I am now a believer.
In case you are confused by our incredibly close features, I am the bottom picture. Look at the same beaver teeth, brown hair flying in the wind, nostrils flares, our pasty-white skin reflects the light like twin stars. We must have been separated at birth.

This post is dedicated to Liz

Most of my friends have already seen this video, but here it is for those of you who haven't. This one goes out to our early morning dance parties:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Des Fleurs

I've been thinking, I had a conversation with a friend the other week about where I would live if I could live anywhere in the United States. I instinctively said that I would love to move back to the Northwest (I also said a little too quickly that I didn't want to stay in Utah--probably a bad move since they are from around here). But as I thought more about it I thought about two things.

First, I am a firm believer that everyone is entirely to blame for their happiness or unhappiness. Its probably cliche to say that you choose your attitude, but really you are entirely as happy/creative/interested/more adjectives as you choose to be.


I thought about how I am graduating and probably leaving this place, and all the things I will miss about it.

And actually I did have a third thought. It goes along the lines of the Matisse quote

"Il y a des fleurs partout pour qui veut bien les voir."

Portland has a more obvious quirkiness about it, but it's exciting that there are new and interesting places to see and experiences to be had everywhere if you are looking for them.

Some of my thoughts were inspired by this picture from the infamous Portland Waffle Window:

Doesn't this 3B waffle look delicious (that's basil, brie, and bacon!). I love Portland for its quirky places like this but although Portland is more overt in its uniqueness I've found some favorites right here in Provo (Please do not read further if you are hungry!):

Sammy's is one of my favorite places to hang out (late at night preferably), they are known for their pie and cupcake shakes (just think about a whole piece of pie or an entire cupcake in a milkshake!), but they also have great burgers and sweet potato fries. They also usually have a great soundtrack going and the people who work there are all really friendly. My tip: ask for Carmel for your sweet potato fries instead of ketchup or fry sauce--trust me, its
and yes, those are entire cupcakes (from another great place, sweet tooth fairy bakery) in the shakes.

One of my other Provo favorites is pricier, but well worth the money in my opinion. Communal is a small restaurant that tries to use local organic ingredients as much as possible, and they really know what they are doing. This restaurant also has a great atmosphere albeit more sophisticated. I went a little crazy on the pictures, but I really had to hold back not to put them all up.

oh, po
tatoes au grati
ah, steak with blue cheese butter
Although I usually enjoy vegetables I usually don't rave about them; but this acorn squash with apple and thyme was definitely worthy of one.
And you can ask Jacque and she will tell you that I was kept talking about this painting.
This post
is already pretty
long so I will stop with just two of my favorite places to eat, but expect more of my Provo discoveries to come. And maybe even some adventures from Denver, that place I am going this weekend!