Sunday, March 14, 2010

Peace up, A-town

Today I realized how close Easter is, and how excited I am to watch "The 10 Commandments" which reminded me that I forgot to post this (caution: there is one F-bomb towards the end. You had to know that with Samuel L. Jackson playing the fire bush, things were bound to get obscene).

This week has been both fun and interesting. On Wednesday I saw Midlake play at the State room in Salt Lake, and they were great. We also got added entertainment from the two drunk, fat, middle-aged men sitting behind us. My favorite part was when one commented to the other, "Man, you look like a giant argyle sock!"

Then yesterday I went back up to Salt Lake to go shopping, and as they say "Sometimes inclement weather happens". The whole week was beautiful until it decided to snow all Saturday. I haggled for a ruffled blue shirt that you will see in the next picture (or here, but for cheaper), as well as a dining journal. I tried and failed to find a picture of it online, but it's a
n incredibly cute book for recording your favorite places to eat. It's even has a place for you to attach the restaurant's business card. I got to put in my first entry later that night because we went to Settebello, and had pizza and tiramisu gelato. It was delicious.

Last week was my official "clumsy" week as I tripped myself on the way home and ripped my pants as well as choking and spewing water across the kitchen in mixed company. But today on my way to church I was walking with Geneva and I toppled over. No real reason, I just lost my balance and fell down. I'm pretty sure one of my legs flew up over my
head, but I got all dirty, so we had to go home and
missed RS.

The scrape doesn't look that bad here, but all the pink in the picture is where my leg is extremely swollen. My shoes took a similar beating which was the saddest part.

I'm currently listening to Emily Haines. I've been in a very Metric/Emily mood lately.


Sarita said...

Um...thanks for having so many Stars songs on your blog. So I can listen to them on repeat at work. Especially since I lost one of my Stars CD's (Joel doesnt like them so he is definitely a suspect).

KirstieBirstie said...

really Joel? I can't believe he doesn't understand how great they are, and they have a new album coming out this summer! Well, if you ever need any more you should just ask Hanna because she has all my music and I'm sure would love to make you a cd...

Joel said...

Really I don't see whats up with stars or band of horses for that matter. Or some other groups but then I am picky.

I did see you had StellaStar "My coco" on your play list along with a lot of other good stuff. I happened to see stellastar live in SLC a while back and they where awesome live.

And we are going to rip CDs for sure.

KirstieBirstie said...

I really wanted to see Stellastarr* when they played in Portland this summer at the Doug Fir, but I couldn't go for some reason, but hopefully I will get another opportunity because I think they are great!

As for Stars (and BOH) I can honestly respect your difference in opinion. Especially because I really disliked them the first time I heard them (I was driving back from the coast, and they did not help with my motion-sickness).

And in the continuing spirit of music diversity I may have to shake up my playlist soon since it has been a while--but no worries, there will still be Stars!