Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Last week I made this navy blue Beignet skirt for Miss Allie for her birthday, which was yesterday! It was so nice to have a project to get my mind off things, PLUS I am in love with the striped sueded silk (striped sueded silk, striped sueded silk, striped sueded silk) I used to line it.
Isn't it so pretty? I know Allie loves nautical things as much as I do, so I was trying to find something fitting for the lining which made me think of stripes. Unfortunately I was sorely disappointed by the lack of nice striped fabric at Mill End. I almost went for a blue and white seersucker with crabs embroidered on it--but I figured Allie is turning 23 which requires a little more sophistication.
But now I'm in love with this stripey fabric and need to come up with something to make with it! Any ideas?


A Mitton said...

I LOVE the lining. Seriously, thrilled. Crabs would have been fun too though :)

I'll take a picture for you when I wear the skirt. So excited.

Cambria said...

I'm ridiculously impressed. You are pro!!!!! Can you teach me your skills next time we're in the same place?