Monday, March 30, 2009


Clairvius Narcisse was a Haitian man said to have been turned into a living zombie with the use of a
combination of drugs. The name Narcisse also means daffodils. Narcisse is also the name of a new boutique in Portland that I am in love with. It's right next to Frances May on Washington in the west end. My first trip there was with my friend Alyssa who decided Narcisse fit my personality perfectly, and that Frances May fits her personality, especially because they carry the amazingly cute 
line of Church & State. Here are some more picture of the store from their blog

Just so everyone is caught up with my current fashion tastes: remember that time I was obsessed with everything nautical? My new favorite obsession is now everything victorian and mildly steampunk. Steampunk described a style that reflects on a time when everything was powered by steam, think The Golden compass meets Mad Eye Moody? I am distraught that my mother got rid of our typewriter.

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Alyssa said...

your description of steampunk is perfect. Ps when you come home we should go there. Andd I walked past it with my friend Charlie today on the way to Powells, and I thought of you. Pps, call me back.