Thursday, September 17, 2009

To Draw Closer to God

I am reading this book by Henry B. Eyring and I love it so far. I especially love this passage I read last night.

"There is a danger in deciding who your favorite prophet is, just as there is in having a favorite living General Authority or a favorite bishop of your ward or a favorite visiting teacher. The danger is that you may not listen to the most important messenger to you, who is always the one God sends you now." (Emphasis added).

Sometimes it is really easy to dismiss those around us because we don't connect or approve of them on a personal/personality level. But when we ignore people because we don't find them particularly interesting or well spoken we are missing out on the messages the lord is trying to send us. Even the simplest person can convey the message we need to hear now. I think one of the things I have the strongest testimony of is that we are sent the people we need in our lives constantly to help us in some way. I am feeling inspired to do some big things this weekend and I have lots more to blog about, but few hours until I need to be awake again. Today was a very good day.

I can't figure out to embed videos so I am going to rely on the power of the hyper-link.

I know this video has gone around a lot, but I can't watch it enough.

And I watched this movie with my friend today and absolutely loved it. Great Band. Great Film. And Favorite song of the moment. It's my mantra.

Lastly, this video made me want to get out and serve a mission or at least serve someone.

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