Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Adam

Today my little sister informed me that since tomorrow is Christmas Eve, today is Christmas Adam.
Being home has been nice so far--I'm trying to keep busy with several sewing projects which will show up here with my swimsuits eventually. I also suspect I am quickly using up the household supply of emergency candles. Perhaps it's all the time I've been spending with Jack that has reminded me how much I love having candles everywhere. Although it might be dangerous since I have already fallen asleep with candles burning several times, and just now I cracked a miniature mason jar with a tea light in it.
If you are in need of some last minute Christmas music, check out Stereogum's Christmas mp3s. They've added some more, but my favorite off of this list is "Kiss me on Christmas". This leads me into my list of unnecessary items I bought today. The list includes: one bra, a music box that plays "let it be" (gift), communist toy soldier (prank), and Elna Baker's memoir New York Regional Mormon Singles Dance (splurge--a hardback copy of a book I've never heard of ?). I'll give a full review when I finish reading, but just reading the first essay I can already tell that this book is going to be simultaneously entertaining and depressing.

First of all, it's girls like Elna that make me hate my life sometimes. Of course her memoir talks about how she used to be the big girl who lost 80 pounds and subsequently has to deal with both Mormon and non-Mormon men wanting to date her. But, for one they never show pictures of her when she was fat--and from here I just see success.

On the other hand I relate to her sentiments on the pressures of trying to find "the one" or just A one in Mormon culture. I'm only twenty-one and with most of my friends already married or at least engaged; I feel like a spinster-nun hybrid.

I've always been pretty quiet and shy in public, but that certainly doesn't mean that I can't carry myself well or that I have a feeble personality. I remember conducting a meeting at church and having an adult come up to me afterwards to tell me that with my brains, beauty, and poise I would certainly attract a lot of attention from boys in college. NOT THE CASE.

It probably doesn't help that I just watched two inspirational movies back-to-back and now feel like I need to do something big.

I can only hope that my ventures into single Mormon culture post-graduation and even pre will be half as entertaining as Elna's.

I don't doubt that my fair share of adventure it waiting for me.

Starting 9am tomorrow at my brow waxing.



lyse. hi. said...

Was the brow waxing as adventurous as you expected?

I've been telling everyone I know the Christmas Adam joke. Thats pretty witty.

Merry Christmas!!

Kirs said...

Nit too adventurous, although she did them thinner than i would have liked. But I think i did freak out the guy at Jackpot records afterwards, we should go there over the break!

oh, and i finished le book.

Mj said...

you mean your witty favorite sister!: )

Sarita said...

Having had many of the same thoughts and frustrations until I was 29....I can relate. I read part of Elna's book when I lost Joel in Powell's once, it's amusing to say the least. I think the single LDS world is lost on some folk. My sisters and mother who were all married before 20 (some at 18) couldnt exactly relate.

And I can totally empathize with the being quiet but capable. Joel will tell you that I still dont know how to flirt. I cant tell you how many times I felt like I would never be noticed because I didnt throw myself at every warm body. But despite some of the heartache and frustrations, I treasure my single adult life and experiences I had, and miss my intense friendships with my other single friends...that remain, but are not the same.

To every thing there is a season...




Also, I love my marriage.

Also, I love Christmas Adam.