Thursday, May 26, 2011

Turtle Dove

This Sunday as I was heading out to church I asked my sister what she thought of my outfit, and if it was too dramatic.
"It's a little over the top." she said.
"Should I change?" I asked.
"No, I mean that as a complement."

The same could be said of this turtle dove tee Kate Towers made for me, based off of one I loved on her Etsy, you can see it here.
I love it, though I may need to put a cap on my tops with dramatic shoulders. I don't know if you can tell but it is beautifully dip-dyed grey so it's darkest in the center of the ruffles. Kate has some great things up on Etsy right now too, I wish I could justify buying this aptly named Escargot dress!

Something else I am in love with is the Once Upon a Tart book I mentioned earlier in this post. The other week I made a frittata with my dad and it was great--and there so many easy variations you could do. We ate it right out of the cast iron skillet we baked it in which felt rustic, but they also suggest making mini frittatas in cupcake tins which would be cute!

{Via Tartlette, because I forgot to take pictures}


Liz said...

You and your clothes. LOVE IT.

A Mitton said...

That shirt is so you. I could never pull it off, but you totally can. I love that.