Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Shoutout to Lady Di

But probably not the lady you're thinking of; Lady Di is my grandmother's family nickname. She doesn't read my blog, but I want to write about her anyway because I found some old pictures of her that I want to show off.

(This is my favorite and I think the crease in the middle only adds to its charm.)
Yes, my grandmother is more attractive than yours.

I've noticed that most young people find their looks to be completely ordinary, but every time I look at pictures of older people as youth they look so radiant.

I haven't seen my grandma in almost two years because they are serving as the temple presidents in the Dominican Republic. I miss seeing them regularly but I know that they are doing the right thing and that they have grown to love the people they serve. Both Big D and Lady Di have set powerful examples for me of what it means to be disciples of Christ. They also always expect only the best from me, which I really appreciate. Grandpa would always ask me about school by asking if I had straight A's. I would usually smile a little sheepishly (because I hardly ever had all A's. Although I still had pretty good grades.) but I never felt like he was or would be disappointed that I didn't do well in school he just saw all the potential I had.

Some of my first memories of my grandparent and the house on Skyline are from when my younger sisters were born. For each of my four younger sisters birth my dad would drop us off with my grandparent while he took Mom to the hospital. I remember all the adventures I had as well as waking up to pancakes in the morning. Grandma always made a full breakfast with pancakes shaped like chickens and rabbits. I also remember sneaking out to the candy jar in the living room before breakfast and my grandma coming out in her garments to scold me about ruining my appetite. But even when reprimanding me they made me feel completely loved.

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goodmorning, i am alyssa. said...

your grandma is so pretty. And adorable. I think you should frame these in your house.