Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If I ever decide on a career, move out of my parents house, and get a job with a decent salary-- I'm buying this.

While perusing the Internet for every kind of dutch bike imaginable I came across a blog written by a girl that perfectly represents my feelings towards biking. I know my dad loved to imagine himself a speed racer when he rides to work in his spandex, but many of the things that attract him to cycling are the exact things that I dislike about it, e.g. being covered in sweat and wearing spandex. This blogger argues that bikes aren't becoming just another fashion accessory, but that girls are often attracted to bikes for different reasons, and I am attracted to this one:

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goodmorning, i am alyssa. said...

oh my word. A. I love that bike. I want you to have it. B. that bike path on that girl's blog? I WALKED PART OF THAT YESTERDAY WITH MY BROTHER and both of us really wanted to bike it. If you and I ever have money we should fly across the country and bike that. C. I love biking. I am slow and I wear dresses but its so much fun because you get this nice breeze and you are going fastish but at the same time you are being semi-lazy and you can watch the scenery. Its so nice.
ps I miss you. Day one I am back, lets hang.