Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't let this fading summer pass you by

Here are the baby robins who were born under our deck last week. A couple days after this they went through an ugly phase where their feathers turned black and their beaks took over their faces and then yesterday they left the nest. They grow up so fast, but then again so have I. Today my dad mentioned that I potentially head back to school in two and a half weeks which completely freaked me out! I am starting my senior year of college and I have no idea what I am going to do when it's all over. It's a personal process that no one else can really help me with and which is forcing me to face some of my biggest fears. Right now I definitely with I could stop time for a little while. But on a happier note baby S was so good today! I think he must be growing because he slept so much today that I only got to play with him for two hours, but he was so happy and playful! I am going to miss seeing him everyday and getting paid to have long (and fun!) chats with his mom. She experienced so many of the emotions and issues that I am going through now recently enough that she can relate, but with enough perspective to give me good advice. Plus, she let me try on her Frye boots that we had been discussing and leaves all my favorite catalogs out on the ottoman for me to peruse.

(Sorry some of these pictures aren't the best, but I've had to resort to my cell.)

I also went to Newport on Friday and finally got to visit the aquarium! I loved all of the sea creatures, but got the best pictures of the jellyfish. I may have to write more about the trip another time.



This post has been rather scattered, so I think I will throw in a photo of Alyssa straining under weight of a whole pound of yarn. Just for good measure.

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