Sunday, May 16, 2010

Extreme Donuts

I have no doubt that all of my Portland friends have heard of the infamous Voodoo Donuts and the odd assortment of donuts that they carry such as donuts covered with cereal, tang, and maple bars with bacon on top. I've had a lot of interesting experience at Voodoo donuts throughout the years. I also remember working at OHSU where one of my co-workers would bring in Voodoo donuts about once every week. And even though I was going through a nauseous faze at the time i still think of voodoo donuts fondly.They are pretty unique donuts, so imagine my surprise when I walk up to Sugar & Spice in the Wilkinson Center to get some chocolate milk with my friend Liz only to find that BYU has started making "Extreme Donuts" that look something a little like this...
They also had donuts with cereal on them. Baffled, I interrogated the girl behind the counter as to how and when they had come up with the idea but I still don't have any answers. I wasn't hungry so I didn't get one, but I am regretting it now because since they sold out of the first batch they haven't made more because they are deciding whether they want to make them a regular item. I will have to post again when I actually try one.

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