Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Becoming One With the Earth.

This afternoon my mom said, "Will you become one with the earth?"

"?"--I was thinking that maybe she was going to ask me to weed, which I would have declined since it was pouring outside.

"Can you take out the compost?"

So I became one with the earth. It was especially earthy because it was muddy outside (we'll see if Martha ever forgives me for muddying her shoes--since we wear the same size) and when I opened the compost there were worms and things writhing about. It was delightful.

Also, hello from my brand new macbook pro! So excited!
Hopefully this means more blogging. I've been pretty busy back in Portland so far--I really wish I could have an unpacking montage, like in the movies, to speed up the process. But as fast as I try to work--no montage.

I must not be trying hard enough.


France is said...

NEW MACBOOK DELICIOUS!?! do you love it? i like worms. and maggots. i like things that move. i also like you and your pretty picture on the right side. school has started. general botany is going to be hard. my teacher is interesting. i picked at my feet and they are bleeding because it is cold already. today i did laundry and hung it on the line in the backyard my clothes smell like cold breezes and green things.

i miss you summerbeans. also brandon says i talk in my sleep but i dont believe hiim.

love like castiron
the word verification is resennin. like rasins in the rain in a cinnamon bun. brandon says i should write professionally i tell him no way .

fear talks to much.
love again
like a loaf of resennin bread beans

France is said...

okay i had to type again because this time the word verification is LIKERIE.

i likerie you.

Trelawny1111 said...

We have matching computers! :)