Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 2. 11:42

I associate whole raw almonds with ovaries. It's been that way ever since the 5th grade. You know the day when they split up the boys and girl for the sex talk. We had two fifth grade classes in our elementary school with one female and one male teacher. So from our class went down the hall to Mr Grimes' classroom which was covered in Sesame street style puppets while I stayed in my classroom with Mrs. Jones and the rest of the girls.
Looking back, it was much like the chastity talks I've had at least once a year since then. Except this time I knew much less. I only remember Mrs. Jones showing us pads, but she also showed us on an overhead of the human body how you shoved them up the thin little canal between the girl's legs. That concerned me for quite some time. Then Mrs. Jones held up two tiny almonds, on in each hand between her thumb and forefinger that she told us were about the same size and shape as our ovaries. Since then I've always associated the two.
I mean to dig deeper, but it's late. So for now, almonds are like ovaries.

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