Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Try not to hurl in the fitting room."

Seriously? Can it be a coincidence that I get sick after watching much of the first season of house? Actually I think my skirt is to blame. I stayed up all night creating it and on top of my already busy week it pushed me over the edge. I am taking a break from it now and when I've recovered I will tend to putting the finishing touches on this beauty.

These aren't good picture but I will try to get some of the skirt in action when it is completed. I just need to work on the lining and finish the back of the waistband. So, I started feeling sick last night and when I woke up this morning my head felt all big and my ear and sinus regions hurt when I swallow. I woke of at 11am and convalesces until about 4pm when Alyssa called, wanting me to go shopping. I finally convinced myself that some fresh air would be good (and Alyssa promised me a coldbuster from Jamba) and decided to go. I still feel pretty awful, but scored some great flats that are destined to be decorated (pictured to come of course!) and the cutest summer outfit from J.crew. Think rusty orange tailored shorts with white elephants embroidered on them paired with a slouchy grey men's tailored shirt. There is a new store called Aritsia, that is apparently big in Canada and has a photo booth!!

When the stores all started to close we headed out to my car where I whined about having a hard time finding my keys in my purse when I found this note on the windshield:
Did I mention how sick and out of it I was? It was pretty embarrassing, but I also feel lucky. I guess I should pay it forward and not steal the next car I see with keys in the door. I really need to sleep, but I have resolved to write on my blog every day for the next month, so I guess I will see you tomorrow...

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