Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year's Obsessions

Is it strange that I'm completely obsessed with these colors?
I love the blue, gold, orange, and black. But I'm also in love with the combination of textures. I could wear this shirt, belt, and jacket together forever. I just might.

Another obsession I need to share is this album:
This benefit CD for HIV research features some new songs from some of my favorite artists. My favorite songs would have to be "Train Song" by Feist & Ben Gibbard, "I was young when I left home" by Antony and Bryce Dessner, "Brackett, WI" by Bon Iver, "Stolen Houses" by Iron & Wine, and "Blood pt 2" by DJ Buck 65 and Sufjan Stevens. I know that's a lot of favorites, but I really love this album. Take a listen.

1 comment:

lyse. hi. said...

I love train song! I hadn't heard that before... but I have heard Brackett, and I LOVE it. We should hangout one day. also, please wear the outfit. PUHLEESE