Thursday, January 7, 2010

S-E-W Good.

I am reluctant to put these pictures up, but I know a couple of people have asked to see the swimsuit I made, so here it is:

These are all in black and white, but you can see the pretty green color in this post.

One Saturday in the sewing lab I had to "model" my swimsuit in front of everyone while it was half finished--and I'm pretty sure that day we just happened to have the most boys I've ever seen in the sewing lab.

On the bottom is a (small, sorry) picture of the swimsuit that inspired this one. It's from Lenny's Rio Fashion Week collection.

I didn't get the grade I wanted, but I know I am excited to wear it so who cares? What do you think?


Sarita said...

You are brave, and darling, and adorable, and talented. I love it.

Mj said...

veary nice