Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Conversation That Just Took Place In The Kitchen:

K: "No! His White Grandpa!"

Me: "Kathryn, you're so racist."

B: "My friend had an Asian grandpa, he said I was pretty"

K: "well if all else fails you can marry your friends Asian grandpa"

Me:"____ (the RS president from my family ward) said my hair looked sexy today!"

K: "well if all else fails you can marry her."

H: "People said I was cute when I was young..."

(cue laughter)

Today was my first Sunday in the singles ward here. It is not uncommon to have off the wall comments, the kind where everyone just smiles and nods at the person. Well today in RS I thought someone was making one of those comments. We were talking about the Good Samaritan and charity, and this girl commented, "When I am having a hard time with someone I imagine them eating a sandwich."

Which seems like a weird thing to say--but when you think about it it's pretty genius. I mean, think about someone you are frustrated with or something and think of them eating a sandwich. There is just something so humanizing about eating.

So I will leave you with a picture of our fearless leader eating a sandwich--doesn't he seem so approachable with his mouth full?

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A Mitton said...

OH Kirs, I cannot wait to hear about the singles ward.