Friday, February 18, 2011

The Dahlia Lounge

I know I haven't written about my gastronomic adventures in a while, and that it mostly due to the fact that I have decided to go easy on my wallet, but today I drove back to Portland with my dad and lunch was on him. So we went to a place in Seattle that my dad keeps raving about (he informed me that he likes to rave about lots of other things--but when it comes to food he is pretty right on). So we went to the Dahlia Lounge, which he informed me was in "Sleepless in Seattle", except it was at the old location. It is in the scene where Tom Hanks goes on a date with "that lady that laughs like a hyena".
The decor has definitely updated, but wit still has the fish lamps and everything. And the thing in particular my dad raved about was the grilled bread salad:

It lived up to its praise. Lettuce with a pesto, oil-cured olives, mozzarella, coppacola, lots of other fresh greens, and of course the grilled bread. Basically they take bread, and instead of toasting it like a crouton the bread is grilled like a panini. The result is delicious and I am excited to try some grilled bread in my own salads!

(Okay, and to write about the Dahlia Lounge in my Diary of Dining Out!)

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