Saturday, February 19, 2011


I wish spring would hurry up and get here.

Today was a bad good day (or good bad day). I am back in Portland, at least for a little while since I finished my internship at 826 Seattle and my whole family has tickets to the Decemberists concert tonight.

Today was my first full day back and I was ready to run back to Seattle by mid-morning. I had an appointment to get my haircut, but at the last minute my mom needed me to take my sister to work and so I ran out the door in whatever was closest to me in my room. I was trying out The Ginger Suite, a salon Kassandra runs out of her cute teal house in NE Portland.

Anyway--I had a number dyslexic moment and got lost on the way there, but things were so much better when I finally got there. Kassandra was really great about working with my hair's natural texture, and we talked about economics, family, and she gave me a great tip on where to get high-waisted jeans. It doesn't look too different, but she put in all these short layers that bring out the curl like so:

Also, I am wearing the great find I snatched up on my way home at one of my favorite Portland shops.

Also, I finally finished my Valentine's (S)cowl! I made it WAY too wide, but at least it will be warm.

Also, I would love to have a job. I have a couple things in the works, but I am afraid if I talk about them too much it might jinx it.


Lyse said...

i love your new haircut! Oh my gosh the the texture is so great. And I love your (s)cowl too.

Hope the job things work out!

France is said...

waahhh pretty hairs! i miss these hairs. shpren is the word verification. im not sure if it means sh pen or preen sh or... i dunno help me find a definition. you look wonderful. maybe thats what shpren means.

Liz said...

I love your hair!!!!!!!!!!! And your clothes. And you. The end.

Sarita said...

Officially jealous of your hair. I chopped mine off and am a little bit sad about it now. I like the (s)cowl to. Stay posted for my latest project. To be posted soon.

KirstieBirstie said...

Alyssa- Thanks! You should really try the ginger suite, i think you would really like it. But we'll see what happens when I try to do my own hair!

Jack- I miss your hairs too, they have a mind of their own and yours are s long now! shpren shpren shpren!! I miss you, and I left Lola Crayola in Seattle on accident!

Liz- Like I said, come back from Africa and we can move back to Provo and be those people who can't move on, and keep trying to recapture the glory days.

Sarah- I want to see pictures of your new hair and your crafts! My dad is super jealous of all the pictures of Kai we get to see but refuses to get a facebook--probably for the best, but Kai is looking like quite the heartbreaker.