Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flossy Flossy

The last two days I have been living the glamorous life of a jet-setter. Long story short, my friend's mom had some frequent flyer miles she needed to use before the 29th. I put off calling until the 26th, and though it wouldn't work out. I knew I could only be gone the 27th and 28th because of work and it ended up working perfectly!

I left Portland yesterday morning for Salt Lake City Utah. After some adventures with some homeless people on the MAX and an uneventful plane ride I met one of my favorite people--Jack!!

It was nice to see the beautiful Utah mountains again.

Then we knocked some items off my Provo/Orem bucket list by hitting up Noodles & Co, seeing Jack's chickens, graham canyon at the creamery, seeing Kait and her baby bump, and then met up with the Workman's to eat dinner at the Art City Trolley in Springville and then see their gorgeous historic Springville home--seriously if you know Candy you should go check it out!

We stayed really late just talking, then in the morning went to Kneaders and got to see more friends such as Mizz Chelsey and Carly! It was so great to see everyone and spent so much time talking that I am sitting in the airport feeling hoarse from talking so much!

It was a quick trip but so happy, and on the way to the airport I finally got to feel Jack's baby peanut kicking, the only thing that could make this better is if I went and got some airplane snacks right now...

..and off I go.

PS. Allie, you and Boston were second on my list, fingers crossed for another free flight!

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A Mitton said...

hahaha, I was going to say AAAH GRAHAM CANYON and then I read the PS and now it's



But really, that sounds like an awesome trip. So fun.