Monday, April 18, 2011

Kate Towers

I know I've blogged about Kate's designs before, but now you can read an interview I did with her over at good 'ol Colette Patterns! One of the cool parts about this interview is that I got to go over to Kate's house to talk and see her studio. First of all, her house is adorable, design-oriented, modern, and has great pops of color--just the kind of home you would imagine from her designs.

Also, Kate is really nice and down-to-earth. She was very honest about how hard it is to try and design with a family, but not in a negative way. Her little basement workspace was impeccably organized and reminded me of Seaplane--such a great shop!I particularly am loving this "Lion's Mane" dress right now. Of course because of all the ruffles, but even more so because guess who also owns that Noa Noa belt from Narcisse?

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