Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gender Neutral

was the title of the email I received from my kindred spirit Lumberjacqueline that made me laugh so hard I decided it needed to be shared here on my blog although many of you might not find it nearly as funny as I did.

"besides cultivating perfect enjoyment reading your emails, i have to give it to us for maintaining a good sense of exactly what our conversations in real life sound like via email. I.E.: temping is romantic: next topic- cat barfing."

The only background I can give is that we have been emailing back and forth for at least a week now and it is so great. My theory on why it works so well is because even in real life we do a lot of "monologuing" which is really a nice way of saying we both ramble a lot.

I was going to post a cute picture of us and talk about how I love her to pieces (which is true) but really have you learned nothing from this post?

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France is said...

THE CAT SONG!!!! ahHHHH its still stuck in my head! what a great song to have stuck in your head too. and what a nice post about me and you. which i loiss. word verif.= quidd. cute squid.