Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today during my lunch break I picked up St. Vincent's latest album, "Strange Mercy" ( I highly recommend it/musical rambling will follow) at my local record shop, and while I was looking at the pretty white and gold cover I realized that I need to talk about my little icon to the right of this post.

Once again I'm participating in Colette Pattern's palette challenge, you can check out all the details here. Hopefully I'll be more successful this time since I actually have my sewing machine with me. Will anyone be terribly disappointed if I skip out on the palette/mood board part though? If you are disappointed let me know and I will post one, but in thinking about the pieces I wanted to make I realized that a lot of them are basics not a cohesive fall wardrobe.

I will talk more about my projects as I finish them, but I will tell you a little bit so you all can hold me accountable! I am planning on 4 pieces.

1. A leather bag (I'm so excited about this and just finished the lining)
2. A skirt made from this beautiful cream and gold silk suiting I'm in love with already.
3. and 4. Black and white blouses--I really need more white shirts!

So my palette for this challenge is white, black, and gold. But if I have time I may do something colorful.

We started on St. Vincent so I think we should end with her too, and two reasons why I'm excited to see her next month!

1. St. Vincent plays like this (ps. if you feed the hungry box your email you can get the song free.)

2. St. Vincent plays like this:

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Cambria said...

Kirs. I want to see something you've sewn. Post?