Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fruits of my Labor Day

I miss writing on here, don't ask me why I haven't been, I guess I just needed a break. And I keep thinking of great things to write about and then forgetting so my head may have sprung a leak, but don't worry I'll put a sandbag on it. Or start writing things down, like how I bought one of my favorite pieces from The Portland Collection at a labor day sale this weekend and I love it so much! Too bad our NW weather decided to turn around for the weekend, making wool a less than ideal choice...

And remember how I was having a hard time picking out fabric for my chair here? Well I finally picked out some beige linen and finished the cushions this weekend!

I stole the throw pillow from the living room, but I'm planning on going out and finding a new one to put there permanently. I'm pretty happy with the fabric, although it seemed to keep moving as I sewed it. Cushions are deceptively hard, you think they are just big fabric rectangles but they require a lot of precision for everything to match up and there are definitely some things I will probably go back and tweak on this chair.

I was also really excited when I was reading Jack's blog post, and when I clicked on one of the links I discovered this under more ideas...the only difference is that mine is not a rocking chair and did not cost $300!

*PSsst. If you love The Portland Collection as much as I do you should enter this giveaway from Honey Kennedy. The prize is $100 to the Portland shop Tilde which carries the beautiful Portland Collection scarves!


sarah said...

I think that maybe you have not been posting because you felt guilty for calling Martha a genie on your blog.

About 100% sure.

Also, I have been drooling over that rocker! Also, I need to see your finished chair in person. Also, I may solicit your advice once I have a chair of my own to cover.

Jacqueline said...

that dress is perfect for you. you look tiiiiiinny

KirstieBirstie said...

@ Sarah, you are probably right since you now know what it really means t be a genie. And you can come see my chair if you don't tell anybody how less good it looks up close, and sewing advice anytime!

@ Jack Tanks! When my dad saw it he asked if I sewed it because I missed a piece... LOISS!

Liz said...

Love the dress! Love the chair! Love you!