Friday, July 1, 2011

A chair of a different color

This is a chair that has been sitting naked in my room for many months--how embarrassing! I love it and have been planning on making cushions, but one problem is that I cannot commit to a color!

The four colors I've been considering lately are: a mustardy-golden yellow, a lighter apple green, burgundy, or grey. I don't know! I want it to look good in my room, but I also want it to be versatile so that if I change my room or put it somewhere else it will look good. So please, tell me what you think before my indecisiveness consumed me.


Liz said...

So embarrassing!!! Oh my gosh.
I like the idea of grey.
Also, cute mirror and desk and basket under chair!
And also do I spy a Kirsten?
Also, should I just write you an email instead of a forever long comment for the sake of reaching out to you? Okay.
But also, I meant every word.

KirstieBirstie said...

I'm liking grey more and more too....

and emailize me puh-leeze.