Monday, July 11, 2011

Litte Bird

For my Birthday dinner this week I went with my parents to Little Bird (or Petit Ouiseau as it says on the door). This bistro is the younger sibling to Le Pigeon, another great Portland restaurant. And while Little bird might be newer, it is definitely bigger, and I just love the interior. This actually doesn't give the best view of all the decor, but it shows one of my favorite things--the fitted metal ceiling! I also love the robins egg blue paint.

For an appetizer I wanted something adventurous so we had the marrow bones. It felt kind of barbaric, eating marrow--we had a very animated waiter who when we asked what marrow was like described how the bones are cooked and then you scrape the marrow out with a spoon. Sounds appetizing, right?
For my entree I had duck confit (this time the waiter vividly described the way the duck thigh was soaked in duck fat) and it was moist and delicious. Definite mouth pleasures, as my mom would say. My mom had a delicious pork chop, and my dad had the best gnocchi I have ever tasted!

For dessert I had the ice cream/sorbet sample which I loved! Oh, and you can see my birthday candle. They used a ceramic egg carton to put the scoops in, but they are half eaten in this picture. I think my favorites were rhubarb sorbet and lemon rosemary sorbet--I may need to try making them at home.
The check comes with mini macaroons for everyone, these were hazelnut flavored (macaroons are another thing I would like to try making). Overall I would say the only thing I didn't like about Little Bird is that it feels bigger. At Le Pigeon the kitchen is out in the restaurant for everyone to see and the restaurant is physically smaller so it can't accommodate as many people. This is definitely just my opinion, but I like restaurants that feel small and cozy. However, if I were going with a large group I would definitely choose Little bird!

And are you tired of all these pictures from my phone yet? I mean don't get me wrong, I appreciate you dear cellular device. You do right by me, but your picture quality leaves something to be desired. perhaps there will be a new camera in my future...

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