Thursday, July 7, 2011


Sarai, the Colette Pattern proprietress just posted these versions of one of our newest patterns made by the ladies of Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver, CO. I have my pattern all cut out; I just need fabric and these patterns are definitely inspiring!
(Hopefully you can enlarge this because the pattern on the fabric on the left is so great. It's Liberty of London, which is $$$ so I think I will do something basic first. But I sure hope there is some LoL in my future!)
And I love this shade of yellow. Stay tuned for a version by me...


France is said...

such a cool shirt, i need to pose the diaper/weekender satchel and take pics so you can add it to your ever expanding sewing portfolio erd verif: hitattee

KirstieBirstie said...

Or I could come and visit you and play with Grace and do a photophoot----because I loisss loisss misss you miss!! And I want to meet the starfish! I think someone should give me another free plane ticket!

Actaully a friend of mine drove to Youtah this week, but I have work:(