Monday, October 5, 2009

Today I wore this outfit. Except most of the day, except at work, I was wearing my black military pea coat on top. I got lots of compliments and that made me feel so pretty. In fact the girl who checked my books out at the library even waived my fine. Who knows if that had any correlation with her love of my outfit. Watch out busy week; here I come!

Also, today at the L&F I got a high five from a cool Korean and another Asian came in and said he was looking for what sounded like his "pancakes" I don't think I blogged about this, but last week I had a phone encounter where I thought I guy was looking for his lost "cheese" when really he was saying keys. It was really funny/embarrassing. Apparently I DO learn from my mistakes because I knew he probably really wasn't looking for pancakes so I asked him to repeat what he was looking for. Again he said "pancakes." I probably looked really confused so he elaborated, "You know? a case for pens?" He was saying "pen case" but you should have heard it, really sounded like pancakes. Over&Out.

Ps. As I child I could never get the picture puzzles that you have to go cross-eyed for because I can't cross them all the way. I even went to
the doctors because they thought it was the source of the migraines I used to get, and they wanted me to practice crossing my eyes everyday. Today I tried again and also attempted to capture the moment. I am feeling very tempted by the fact that its about as much to buy an imac as
a macbook pro.

Attempt #1

Attempt # 2
Attempt # 3
Now my head hurts.

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Martha said...

ah you always do weried stuff at home too