Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Crafting

This weekend I was inspired to make a wreath for our front door to replace the hand-drawn "God Bless America" sign. Not that I'm not patriotic, but those kind of signs always seem to make me feel uneasy, perhaps it's from my left-leaning socio-cutural paradigm that makes alarms screaming "zealot!" go off. Or maybe just my bad experiences with the kind of people who overuse those signs (read: conservative Christians who love America but hate Mormons). Either way, I was mostly looking for some creative outlet during conference when I stayed up late constructing this:

I think I may have to make more pinwheels to fill it out, but it looks pretty good so far, considering that I had to make a makeshift wreath form with a wire hanger and sew all the pinwheels on by hand! I used newspaper from The Oregonian which my mom sent as packing material in a box. Little did I notice one of the images showing on the wreath.

1 comment:

A Mitton said...

I remember this.

Love it, love it, love it.

And how Kait would always turn it so you couldn't see the bunny.

And you.