Thursday, October 7, 2010


Here is just a sampling of the many genius things I discovered today:

1. Wanderlust. A vintage shop on wheels.
This shop was inspired by the popular food cart scene in Portland. It's owned by a Portland couple who wondered why people weren't selling anything else from cart. If you are in Portland you can check them out next on Saturday at the Harvest Festival on Fremont from 10am-5pm.


2. Pies in a mason jar! This woman sells them as "kutie pies" but I want to try making some myself!


Liz said...

AHHH WANDERLUST. Must go there.

Liz said...

And by "go there" I mean track it down.

KirstieBirstie said...

You have wanderlust for wanderlust?? haha! Maybe they will be parked somewhere when you come and visit! Plus it says on their website that you can notify them if you would like them at an event. I could have them parked out in front of my house for "Liz Yohei's visit"!