Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Reluctant Blogger

I don't know why I have felt no desire to blog lately, but I do have a couple things to talk about, so here they are:

Just Kidding, just like {this} song.

Really thing #1:

I am an editorial intern for Colette Patterns!! Based out of Portland, and owned by the super cute Sarai, this company makes a different kind of sewing pattern. The garments themselves are a modern twist on vintage glamour

(All pictures via {Colette}, and this is Sarai modeling her skirt that I have the pattern for and am excited to make!)

But one of the things I love about Colette is the patterns are formatted, I always end up losing the instructions and pieces of patterns I buy, but Colette Patterns come in these neat booklet--so it's nearly impossible to lose! I wish more patterns came like this!
And if you are curious what I am doing as an intern, don't worry I will link everything here because I am going to be writing for the Colette Pattern {blog}, interviewing designers about their work and creative process! I'm really excited to get started--and let me know if you have any designer suggestions!

It is a good thing that I can do everything by computer, because that leads me to thing #2.

Next week I am moving to Seattle to start another internship at 826 Seattle!
For those of you who are unfamiliar with {826}, it is a national nonprofit that provides free writing tutoring, workshops, and one-on-one attention to students, ages 6-18.

One of the many cool things about 826, is that each branch is hidden by a store front--like so:
Each branch has a theme, and they raise money for the organization by selling themed knickknacks. As you can see, 826 Seattle has a space theme. You can check out some of their products {here}. I am also a little envious of 826 Valencia and it's pirate themed {store}, especially this poster of {compensation for missing limbs}-- I may have to get that. does this sound right up my alley or what?

The Seattle store is located on beautiful Greenwood Ave. right across from an antique store that may prove problematic for me and my wallet. I have been researching cool Seattle things and am excited to share them with you.

I would be lying if I didn't say a part of me is worried that this is going to end in colossal failure, but then I read this quote:

"Life is trying things to see if they work."
Ray Bradbury

That's me alright.


A Mitton said...

Awesome awesome awesome awesome.

Holy freaking cow.

That skirt is so cute, and I'm so jealous of you. I cannot wait to hear about both jobs. So cool.

Where will you be living in Seattle??

lyse. said...

Kirsten. I know you hate me and everything etc etc, but I'm really happy for you! These are perfect things for you to do, and I'm sure everything will work out, and be awesome.

I hope you do great.

KirstieBirstie said...

Allie, I will be staying in Bellevue, and I want to hear about Emerson!

BTW there is a Boston chapter, and the store is called "The Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute" so you should check it out!

I will be thinking about you at Sufjan tonight!