Saturday, October 2, 2010


(A post about fashion)

I've been a bad, bad girl.

Last night my room smelled like burnt marshmallows. My mom had me helping her can pears. I set the timer when it started steaming like she told me and then went downstairs to watch a movie and so didn't notice the water boiling off and the kitchen filling with smoke. I also cut my finger open on the charred pear juice. The cans of pears all turned out fine though--it's just the pot they were steaming in that's a mess.

But let's back up to earlier this week when I was having a conversation with my Dad and he said something about how he thinks I am adventurous and like to go out and do things, but I like to have (and this was his word not mine) a "compadre". And while we don't always see eye-to-eye, I would have to agree with my Dad on this one.

I was still thinking about this when I heard about first Friday down on East Burnside, with a sample sale going on at a new shop called Haunt, featuring some of my favorite Portland designers such as: Laura Irwin, Kate Towers, Church & State, and Holly Stalder. Haunt is the newest endeavor of Laura Irwin and Holly Stalder, both designers formerly owned Seaplane--which was one of my favorite independent designer boutiques in Portland.
Now this is one of those events that I usually read about and never end up going because I don't have anyone to go with.

But tonight I went. And now I can say something I never thought I would: I am the proud owner of a Church & State garment!

I feel remiss that I haven't talked about Church & State here yet. Church & State is a Portland clothing line created through the collaboration of Nathaniel Crissman and Rachel Turk since 2006. On their website this is how they describe their design:

"If church & state were a day of the week, it would be Sunday.
if it were a baked good, it would be a homemade pie
and if it were a liquor it would be bourbon.
if church & state were a meal it would be home cooked.
and lastly, if church & state were a friend, it would be the best one."

They make gorgeous clothes with beautiful details--that are completely out of my price range! I was hoping to go to Haunt right when it opened to get the first pick of everything, but it didn't work out that way so I was ecstatic to find this hanging in the racks for a fraction of the original price:

The Oregon dress from the Fall '08 collection--one of my favorite collections they've done. It's more beautiful in person, 100% wool and the perfect fall red!

Also I got to chat with Laura Irwin (who was also wearing Church & State!), knitting goddess and author of "Boutique Knits" which I really want to buy.

I'm really glad I went--and excited for many more solo adventures in the future

(unless you want to come?).


Liz said...

We have to plan an adventure for when I come to Portland in November!!!!

KirstieBirstie said...

Oh, no worries I have plenty of ideas! Just let me know when exactly you will be here!

KirstieBirstie said...
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A Mitton said...

That dress is gorgeous. I'm jealous.

I've never minded doing things alone, but I've been doing basically all my Boston exploring by myself for the last month and I've really enjoyed it. I like figuring out where to go by myself and deciding what I want to see and how I want to spend my time. It's nice.

Now I just have to go to a movie by myself and independent exploration will be complete.

KirstieBirstie said...

Ali, I was thinking about this more about this and I kind of agree with you.

I'm more introverted than most people think, and I enjoy my time alone. I definitely agree that it's fun to explore (especially shopping) by yourself. I'm so jealous of you exploring Boston!

I think my problem is more with the movie theater sort of scenarios. Places where most people are in groups like movies, restaurants, and parties.

The sample sale at Haunt was part of the first friday festivities that all these shops down on E Burnside (they lovingly refer to themselves as "The Feminist Mall") hold once a month. So although I was there for the shopping it was more of a party atmosphere.

But I'm glad I went and I also hope to go to a movie alone sometime! Have you been to the mission theater? When you come back we should go--you would love it! Hope school is going well!

A Mitton said...

I understand what you mean, and I haven't done a restaurant by myself. That makes me a little uncomfortable. I'm okay with the movies, though, because once it starts it doesn't matter if you're alone.

I have not been to the mission theater and would love to go with you. Maybe at Christmas? And if you ever want to explore Boston with me, you can always come out here. It's fun alone, but it would be fun with you too.