Monday, October 11, 2010

Whenever I want you all I Have to do is Dream

Two nights ago I had a dream that I was in Salt Lake and me and my friend Jack were touring a Coca Cola factory.

This is Jack--------------->
We go together like bananas and people who have funny eyebrows.
We are very similar in strange ways, and I attribute many of this last year's good memories to her.

But it was really a HOT DOG factory!!
So we hung out and ate delicious hotdogs.

The second picture that came up when I googled "delicious hotdog"

I wish I could remember it better because I remember there was a hot dog with a strange ingredient that was so delicious, but now I will never know what it was.

THEN, last night (when I was trying to sleep soundly since I worked today) I had a dream in which a girl who I grew up with from my home ward cut all her hair off, and handed it to me in a ponytail and I had to straighten it for some reason.

Except her hair in real life is pin straight, and the hair in the ponytail was super curly.

Like this! -->

I haven't eaten anything strange right before bed , but maybe it has something to do with me looking at pictures of this dog right before bed.

It's an Irish wolfhound and I really want one. They are really tall (as you can see) but are supposed to be gentle and really loyal!

I've also been listening to "From the Land of Ice and Snow" before bed. It is a Led Zeppelin cover album. My favorite songs are "In the Light" by The Long Winters, "Bron-Yr-Aur" by M. Ward, and "The Ocean" by Laura Veirs--which you can download {here}!

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