Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Confessions of

a post grad foodie.

I went to Communal today. If you are in Provo and haven't been; go.

I should have taken pictures of our whole lunch, but I went with my dear friend Kayla and she had AMAZING steak while I had a bleu cheese burger with a side of the most delicious heirloom squash I've ever had.

It was good, but the burger was probably a little heavy of a choice for me. Neither of us completely finished our food but decided there is always room for dessert.

I had a berry pandowdy--look at all that cream!
And Kayla had the delicious homemade s'moreSo Yum. And a beautiful setting too--especially since I requested a table by the window. Communal I will miss you, but we have planned a followup outing to Pizzeria 712 for all my friends who have never been if anyone else wants to come?

Oh, and Jenny & Johny on NPR's first listen: Yes!


Jenny Dunn said...

i want to go to pizzeria 712! You, me and Candy should all go!

Kirs said...

ah that would be so good! We definitely need to do something soon!