Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pepperoni Malone

The Story Formerly Known as my Monday Night Dream

Some of you may have seen my mysterious Facebook status of the same name yesterday and I thought I would illuminate here, since it really is a funny story. Monday night I had a strange dream. Towards the end of the dream I ended up in a tiny, dusty town where we walked down main street and into a shop with an old-fashioned storefront. Somehow I knew that it was a thrift shop even though it was a grocery store with food items, and everything else looked pretty new. Like the Ally Capellino rucksack that just recently came out and I have been coveting ever since.It was the orange, which is my favorite and it looked brand new until upon further inspection there was a tag that said, "Property of: Pepperoni Malone". Although I think in the dream I pronounced it so it rhymed.

Then we saw a pig in the store and I was convinced that it belonged to a guy that I work with, but we needed to tranquilize the pig to be sure so the shopkeeper brought me the syringe and I was holding it while one of my friends went to get the pig, and then I woke up.

Then, since I packed up all my stuff and no longer have pen or paper and also remembered the dream as I got on Facebook I made note of it there so I wouldn't forget.

It's not exactly a riveting story, but I'm constantly baffled by the way our minds work. Perhaps this dream reveals some deep-seeded secret of my subconscious, but Pepperoni Malone? I love dreams like this. And I still want the AO rucksack for my new laptop.

Oh, I also had a dream last week where my roommates had an intervention because I eat on my bed and there were crumbs.

I also love this, both the songs and this hot pink cassette tape and am excited for the Jenny & Johnny record out on the 31st!

ps. I have awesome hair. Today especially, but I am lucky to have nice hair in general, but especially today when a %&@#%!$*@&!$$ guy tells you "Thank you for making BYU even more irritating" when you are at work and just trying to your job but being incredibly misunderstood--and thinking about your beautiful jungle woman hair is the only thing that can keep you from thinking about what a !@$# etc. that guy is. Thanks hair.

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