Friday, April 2, 2010

Although I meant to write this a while ago, some good things have been happening to me in the last week. Although it seems so long ago. Almost a week ago now I presented my paper "City, Suburbs, and Home" and the undergraduate literary conference. My paper brought together a lot of different, such as African Americans moving to the suburbs in the 50s, how the suburbs and suburban ideals developed, theoretical ideas of space, and how this all applies to the play "A Raisin in the Sun",

Here is the real ad from 1959 that I used on my handout:
I was really nervous all week as a frantically tried to revise my paper with very little disposable time between all the projects and tests I also had to do. But Saturday morning rolled around and I had an awesome outfit and I stood up in front of the small crowd (I'm not sure it even classified as one) and put on my best confident face and tries to interact with my audience as much as possible, and in the end I felt good about my work. My professor was there and sent me a really nice email afterwards, and I also got some good feedback from some of my fellow students who were in the audience that were great to hear.

Which leads me to another good thing. My friend, J, was so kind and she brought me a bouquet of flowers to give to me after my presentation. I appreciated them right away, but I am loving them even more now that the lilies ( they are lilies right?) have bloomed and look gorgeous on my windowsill and kitchen table.
aren't they beautiful? It's amazing how much a vase of flowers can brighten (literally and figuratively) your day.

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