Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tree Symbolism

I have been busy and stressed lately, but there have been a lot of good things too. Earlier this week I went on a bike ride in the sun with Jack down to the french house (Yes, there is a house that looks like it has been transplanted from the south of France, but is really in Orem) and ate stuffed peppers and it was so happy.

Last night was Alexis' bridal shower, which was a lot of fun! I really want to put up pictures, but it doesn't look like I can upload them until tomorrow--so I won't spoil anything now. But it was great to spend time with old friends.

The I went to Jack's and watched Bright Star, the movie about Jon Keats and his muse, and I highly recommend it. I especially loved the beautiful shots of Fanny sewing at the beginning! It is just a beautiful film in general.

Then, on our way to church Jack and I smelled the "fish trees" anyone whose been in Provo in the spring knows what I'm talking about. The beautiful white blossomed trees that are everywhere, and they smell awful. As we spelt them on the way into the building Jack and I were discussing how there has to be some symbolism in gorgeous blossoming trees that smell awful. Finally Jack came up with the perfect metaphor: "Even pretty girls fart."

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