Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last night, as I was laying in bed I had an interesting thought:

I am an open window but closed door kind of girl.

Not even really open windows right now, because it's so cold outside, but if I had my way the blind would never be closed.

On the other hand I hate open doors. The room to my bedroom is never open, and I swear I'm not doing anything weird/secretive, I just feel weirdly exposed with the door open--which is strange considering the number of times my roommate has to remind me that I should probably close the blinds while I'm changing.

That probably says something about me, but I'm not sure what.


Sarita said...

i love sleeping with the window open and will pile as many blankets on my bed as possible to leave it open as long as i can into the winter. joel thinks i am crazy. and im the same with blinds. if someone is in my house im all modesty but its kind of if i dont know they are there and can see me, whatevs. which is kind of creepy really.

KirstieBirstie said...

yeah, it's weird. I am always going back and forth with my roommate with the blinds in the living room. I mean NO ONE CHANGES THERE but every time i open the blinds she closes them as soon as they leave.

And my dad used to always harass (or harris?) me for changing without closing the curtains, when there are just trees directly behind my room.

I'm sure there are lots of people out there just like us.