Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kirsten's First Bridal Shower Part 1

Of course this would be my first time throwing someone a bridal shower. I in fact, after four years in Provo, consider myself a bridal shower connoisseur of sorts. I showed off my invites earlier, and here are pictures of the real deal. I decided instead of having a brunch to have it in the evening, and do desserts (mostly this was because ofthe timing) and started looking around for ideas. My first idea sprang from my original idea for the invitation of doing silhouettes. I got the idea here.

Did you know there are places where you can get your own custom silhouette cookie cutter made? But they also take weeks to make, you have to send in pictures of your profile, and the run about $30 each. I tried to come up with a cheaper option: making my own cookie cutter!

I found a how to here. Basically you take one of those disposable aluminum lasagna pans and cut the bottom into 1" strips.

Make sure you wear gloves because jagged aluminum is sharp!
Here's me feeling silly (but safe) with my gloves on:

Then (I guess you could so this before hand) draw out the desired shape of the cookie cutter on paper. The instructions say that your cookie cutter should only use one strip of aluminum and it works better that way, but I had to use two. Then you can use pens,your fingers, etc. to mold the metal into the shape you want. For some reason I don't have pictures of me making the
boy cookie cutter. You staple the cutter together at the ends.
Then I set about making the sugar cookies
(The dough is so good raw!) There was a lot of flour involved.
Then I let them cool and covered them with a vanilla glaze. I made the ladies yellow, and the gentleman.I got several comments at the party that my gent looked a little like JFK.
Then I let them dry and tied blue bows in the lady's hair.

Then after a long evening of baking, I went back to my room and to this:


Sarita said...

the cookies look awesome kirstie.

muy impressed.

Liz said...

Looooove this.
Especially that last one. So true.