Saturday, April 24, 2010

I just ate a whole cucumber, plain.

Now that think about it I probably have some things in my cupboard that would have been very complimentary to the cucumber, but the truth of the matter is that I need to go to the store and the cucumber was the most appealing thing in the fridge. Things have been pretty slow since finals--hence all the catching up I've done here--and I've had a lot of time just to sit around and think.

Being on campus all day yesterday for work and seeing all the graduates has made me very anxious. I think part of it's a social anxiety because a lot of my friends are leaving for the summer, plus I've just been alone a lot this weekend since a lot of people are traveling. But it also feels strange that I could have been one of those graduates. I know that waiting to graduate was the right thing for me, but watching everyone surrounded by there family and excited to be done at least made me sad that I am not with my family. It just feels so strange sticking around, especially since I am having to say a lot of my goodbyes now.

So I've been feeling kind of emotional and a little down lately and so today I re-read David Foster Wallace's commencement speech from 2005 at Kenyon college. My Dad read this to me, I think when I was back in High School and I would encourage anyone who hasn't read it to read it--especially my friends who are graduating, but I think it's really applicable to anyone.

I think I am going to get out of the house and get some books for my summer reading!

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