Monday, July 26, 2010

Gee Wa Why?!?!?!

Recently, with my impending graduation, I have decided that it doesn't matter what you are wearing for the ceremony. All the pictures are going to be of me in my cap and gown anyway--but everyone will be able to see my feet! Which means I need a hot new pair of shoes, right? Right. Mostly I'm just looking for a reason to buy these:

I just about died when I saw them on one of my favorite shoe sites.

They are from a new(ish) brand called Gee Wa Wa (it's pronounced like Chihuahua), and they have been nicknamed THE CLAW.

You may at this very moment be wondering if Provo has pushed me over the edge of my fashion sanity. I actually read another blog where the writer was gushing over the boot version (which I actually don't love) and how they reminded her of Lady Gaga, who I don't just don't love, but severely dislike, but I think these shoes would look amazing with a very streamlined, plain outfit.

I would now like to declare that any and all of you who forgot to get me a birthday present (and or Christmas present *eh hem* you know who you are) are now welcome to donate to my CLAW shoe fetish fund -- thanks in advance.

{Oh, and its days like this that I realize why I don't date.}

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