Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Asian Birthday

My birthday was two days ago. I think I've always been pretty low key about my birthday, probably some of that has to do with the fact that my birthday falls after the 4th of July weekend and so everyone usually gone.

In fact I think I have an abandonment complex as a result. I remember one year inviting 30 people to my party--only 2 could come. Two.

Anyway, those of you who haven't caught the yellow fever may well be wondering why this was my Asian birthday--I know my parent were. I will explain in picture form.

Look what comes up when I google Asian:

Since I don't have any pictures from my birthday ready, and I haven't talked about my trip home I guess I will tell a story from that.

There is this vintage store called Ray's Ragtime, that I went to with my friend Heidi and found an awesome dress. Unfortunately the shop has put a new rule into effect where you can't try on a dress if it's not your dress size. I understand where they are coming from--I'm sure I would get frustrated with customers damaging old and sometimes fragile garments because they are trying on the wrong size. But if they are following the size on the tag it's probably wrong because they have probably stretched out over time.

So, I couldn't try it on, but it was pretty cheap because its a fixer-upper (some of the hem has come undone and it could do with a couple other small hand repairs) and so I went back and bought it without trying it on!

The exciting part is that I love it--and it could be a little snugger in the waist. Take that Ray.

Here are the front and back details (the bottom half is the coolest part)

It's a really good twirling dress.

And here is my hair from the wedding--long story but my mom got my flight information wrong and I ended up coming home from the wedding, only getting an hour and a half of sleep and jumping on the plane which equates to no showering time.
I think I will have to write about the rest of my Portland adventures either later today or tomorrow.

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